Issue Number 72, Fall 2007

Table of Contents


Rika, Marika: Love Song for Griffin PDF
Melanie Rae Thon
Flash Burn PDF
Luke Blanchard
Galatea PDF
Karen Brown
Another Coyote Story PDF
Geoffrey Becker
A Foothold in the Arabian Sea PDF
E.V. Slate
Assembling the Troops PDF
Amber Dermont


Stalin's Face PDF
Richard Katrovas
Christian Becomes a Blur PDF
Carolyn Walker
Street Scene PDF
Lia Purpura


Marginalia PDF
Janet Kaplan
Mati in smrt (Mother and Death) PDF
Tomaz Salamun
Dokler te noc ne zastekli (Until the Night Glazes You) PDF
Tomaz Salamun
Queen's Gambit Accepted PDF
Steve Mueske
The Black Rhino PDF
Steve Mueske
Ocean / Emotion PDF
Marie Etienne
Reconstruction PDF
James Haug
The First Year of Everything PDF
Jonas Lerman
Summer Thunder, Colorado Plateau PDF
Sam Reed
Hotel Life PDF
Wayne Miller
Poem Slipped between Two Lines by Vallejo PDF
Wayne Miller
bearing on the glory of love PDF
Deborah Bogen
Legend PDF
Deborah Bogen
Not Another Anthem PDF
Dara Wier
16 Stickers for Peace PDF
Dara Wier
After Being Asked about Inclinations Regarding Qualifications PDF
Dara Wier
Zendegie (Life) PDF
H.E. Sayeh
Holl (Fright / Fear / Danger) PDF
H.E. Sayeh
Chandin Hezar Omide Bani Aadam (A Few Thousand Hopes of the Children of Adam PDF
H.E. Sayeh
My Arms PDF
Paul Guest
Mostly I Entertain Ideas and Don't Act on Them PDF
James Grinwis
Of Phantoms PDF
James Grinwis
The Dime-Store Parakeet PDF
Gary Soto
The Baby Years PDF
Adrienne Su
His Father's Son PDF
Adrienne Su
Pammy and Tanka PDF
Kaethe Schwehn
Me to Tanka PDF
Kaethe Schwehn
In the Convent Tanka Narrates a Slideshow of John the Baptist PDF
Kaethe Schwehn
Three Flaws PDF
Mark Halliday
Frank O'Hara in Paradise PDF
Jude Nutter
Snow Falling All Morning, I Read the Egyptian "Negative Confession" PDF
Ellen Wehle
Definition PDF
Megan Gannon
Deep Sea PDF
Megan Gannon
Defib PDF
Dean Young
Post-Ovidian PDF
Dean Young
Man Overboard PDF
Dean Young