Issue Number 69, Spring 2006

Table of Contents


The Book of Signs PDF
Molly McNett
The Theory of Everything PDF
Steven Schwartz
Reasons for Concern Redarding My Girlfriend of Five Days, Monica Garza PDF
John Tait
The Landscape PDF
Lorraine M. Lopez


Keeping a Consistent Faith among the People: Robert and Penelope Creeley in Conversation PDF
Robert and Penelope Creeley


Valentine for You PDF
Robert Creeley
Anecdote of the Field PDF
John Gallaher
Daily in the Birds of the Sky PDF
John Gallaher
Lost in Our Creations, We No Longer Believe in Falling PDF
John Gallaher
A Series of Earnest Offers, for the Raising of a Man from the Dead PDF
Dorothy Barresi
Aubade with Eggs Breaking PDF
Dorothy Barresi
Si Vuelvo Alguna Vez PDF
Eugenio Montejo
Mi Lampara PDF
Eugenio Montejo
Muscle Beach PDF
Christopher Davis
This Time PDF
Thomas Reiter
The Empirical PDF
Cynthia Hogue
Reading Emily Dickinson in Icelandic PDF
Eva Heisler
four poems from the sequence "Interments" PDF
Venus Khoury-Ghata
Phial: Elizabeth Bishop at Six PDF
Rebecca Dunham
Extremity PDF
Rebecca Dunham
Bitterness PDF
Charlie Smith
East Whitehall Street PDF
Charlie Smith
What Sprung You PDF
Charlie Smith
Roze PDF
Tomaz Salamun
Cekani PDF
Tomaz Salamun
Temna ocala PDF
Tomaz Salamun
The Voices PDF
Albert Goldbarth
Bug Land PDF
James Grinwis
Magda the Mule-Faced Girl at Seventeen PDF
Todd Smith
Appotattox County Fair PDF
Todd Smith
Eight PDF
Todd Smith
Bartleby PDF
Michael Snediker
Pleasure Milker PDF
Katy Didden
To Katherine: At Eight Months PDF
Joelle Biele
To a Grieving Daughter PDF
Chard de Niord
Rescue PDF
Chard de Niord
Gathering after the Spleen PDF
Matthew Gavin Frank
Exit Exam PDF
Dean Young
Speck PDF
Dean Young
Home PDF
Dean Young
My Itty Void PDF
Dean Young
Again (Wrightsville Beach) PDF
Robert Creeley
Echo PDF
Robert Creeley