Issue Number 63, Spring 2003

Table of Contents


The New Orpheus PDF
Christopher Howell
The Milkweed Pod PDF
Robert Bly
An Ode on Morning Pajamas PDF
Robert Bly
How Much Brighter the Stars PDF
Bret Anthony Johnston
19-19 PDF
Michelle Bonczek
Bourn PDF
Constantine Contogenis
October Suite PDF
Chris Dombrowski
The Man with My Name PDF
Stephen Delaney
Today, on the Obituary Channel PDF
Michael Dumanis
Mendicant PDF
John Vanderslice
The Sightstop PDF
Bill Knott
13.0 PDF
Rodger Kamenetz
The Door PDF
Rodger Kamenetz
Son of Mr. Green Jeans: An Essay on Fatherhood, Alphabetically Arranged PDF
Dinty W. Moore
Clear tonight, and yet ... PDF
Jett McAlister
Other Fields PDF
Inman Majors
Owls in the City Hills PDF
D.R. Goodman
The Calf PDF
Dennis Ward Stiles
Could We Invent a Question for this Answer?: An Interview with Mary Ruefle PDF
Mary Ruefle
Mailbox PDF
Paul Gibbons
The Tuesday Healing Service, Saint Mark's Mission Church PDF
Debra Nystrom
Conversational Portrait in Grass PDF
Alexandria Peary
Good Fortune PDF
Elizabeth Weld
El aullido (The Howl) PDF
Rafael Perez Estrada
Aforismos pateticos (Pathetic Aphorisms) PDF
Rafael Perez Estrada
Frecuentaciones angelicas (Angelic Frequencies) PDF
Rafael Perez Estrada
Ghazal PDF
Patrick Phillips
Arrangement PDF
Rob Morris
But To Begin It PDF
Gilbert Allen
Sycamore PDF
David Roderick
Modern Art PDF
David Roderick
Kissing Kerouac PDF
Steven Schwartz
Past Kitchen PDF
Lori Shine
General Conversation & the Like PDF
John Gallaher
Pockets of Resistance PDF
John Gallaher
Aspirations of the Yellow House PDF
Robin Behn
Just Like Kansas PDF
Paul S. Wood
Little Ontological You PDF
Paul S. Wood
Among Any of Various Slow-Moving Arboreal Mammals PDF
Paul S. Wood
In the Penny Arcade, 1931 PDF
David Wagoner
Audience PDF
David Wagoner
The Message PDF
David Wagoner
Nick PDF
David Wagoner
Beneath the Red Umbrella PDF
Tanya Whiton
Where Do I Sign? PDF
Chris Talley
May Pole PDF
Dean Young
Weird Fricking Clouds, Huh? PDF
Dean Young
To Be Beautiful (The Bronze Age) PDF
Nance Van Winckel