Issue Number 62, Fall 2002

Table of Contents


Internal Monologue at Waterloo Bridge PDF
Cynie Cory
The Asphalt Jungle PDF
John Allman
Water at Midnight PDF
Bryn Chancellor
Now You See It Now You Don't PDF
Valerie Bandura
When We Were Libertines PDF
Lisa Beskin
Hank, Nineteen Weeks to Live PDF
Christopher Chambers
Detour on the Old Highway of Love PDF
Christopher Chambers
Nothingness and Being PDF
David Guaspari
Postcard from the Second Person PDF
Wyn Cooper
Postcard from an Imaginary Storm PDF
Wyn Cooper
Postcard from Some Trees PDF
Wyn Cooper
The Ring PDF
Brian Dillon
American Complaint PDF
Mike Dockins
Mitosis and the Fall of Alexandria PDF
Mike Dockins
Modern Tricycle Fable PDF
Mike Dockins
It's Too Early for Bed PDF
Arielle Greenberg
Accounting PDF
Joan Leegant
The Long March (Mongolia, 1900) PDF
Henry Hart
Spark Gap PDF
James Haug
Little America PDF
James Haug
Kind of a Strange Few Minutes PDF
James Haug
Waverly Spring PDF
Bob Hicok
Spirit ditty of no fax-line dial tone PDF
Bob Hicok
Elvis Presley Visits His Front Gate PDF
Sean Aden Lovelace
Cicadas And PDF
Nathan Hoks
The Distraction of Wonder PDF
Nathan Hoks
To His Mistress Going to Bed PDF
Nathan Hoks
Cain's Legacy PDF
Richard Jackson
This PDF
Richard Jackson
"Quando io dimando ..." PDF
Gaspara Stampa
Early Train PDF
Rhoda Janzen
The Winter Bone PDF
Rhoda Janzen
Contributor's Note PDF
Michael Martone
1950: Frank Wess Invents the Flute PDF
Gerald Majer
Orientation PDF
Ray McManus
she is not a gray bird PDF
Brian David Mooney
Postlapsarian Ready-Made 3: Adultery PDF
Daniel Nester
Hypnos Is the God of Sleep PDF
Lisa Olstein
3/4 Ballad PDF
Lisa Olstein
Hungers PDF
Simone Poirier-Bures
Heading Out PDF
Oliver Rice
Ambrosia PDF
Katherine Riegel
On Conditions PDF
Lia Purpura
One John Dies, the Other Wakes to Crickets PDF
Thom Satterlee
Elvis Presley Visits His Red Harley PDF
Sean Aden Lovelace
Interlopers PDF
Katherine Soniat
Pressure PDF
Katherine Soniat
The Hunger for Art PDF
Gary Soto
Scatter Ridge Road PDF
Darrell Spencer
from The Face PDF
David St. John
Don Malo Catches a Red-Throated Sparrow PDF
Virgil Suarez
Sunday Wash PDF
Anthony Varallo
The Teller is the Only Survivor of the Fairy-Tale Ending PDF
Mark Yakich
Elizabeth Wetmore