Issue Number 13, Apr. 1973

Table of Contents


Halloween PDF
Stephen Dunn
Song for "Buvez Les Vins Du Postillion" -Advt. PDF
Jean Garrigue
After Reading "The Country of the Pointed Firs" PDF
Jean Garrigue
In the Forest PDF
Jean Garrigue
A Tribute to Arthur Oberg PDF
Jean Garrigue
Man Weeping PDF
Arthur Gregor
Chaconne PDF
Arthur Gregor
Thirty Years of This PDF
Arthur Gregor
The Guide PDF
Arthur Gregor
The Promise PDF
Arthur Gregor
An Interview with Arthur Gregor PDF
Arthur Oberg
Arthur Gregor on Jean Garrigue: A Letter PDF
Arthur Gregor
Orgasm PDF
Richard Hof
Economy PDF
James J. McAuley
When the Great Gray Owl Howls over the Outhouse, and I Am in It PDF
Joe Paddock
She and I Escape Our Bodies Strangely PDF
Joe Paddock
My Father, the Nightingale PDF
Peter L. Simpson
What Are You Sitting on over There? PDF
Dabney Stuart
The Ballad of the Three Birds PDF
Dabney Stuart
The Sand Fiddler PDF
Dabney Stuart
Fourth of July Weekend PDF
Ron Swanson
The Sun PDF
J.D. Whitney
Opposites PDF
Richard Wilbur
Cabbala PDF
Miller Williams
How Fear of Poetry Drove Alan Ladd to His Death PDF
Jet Wimp