Issue Number 32, Spring 1987

Table of Contents


"Yes, But...": Some Thoughts On The New Formalism PDF
David Wojahn


Real Estate PDF
Robin Beeman
In The Realms Of The Herons PDF
David Michael Kaplan
Talk Show PDF
Erin McGraw
My House, This Place And Body PDF
Kim Unterhalter


Breakdown PDF
David Baker
Breckenridge County Suite: To A Young Kentucky Woman PDF
Joseph Edward Bolton
Party PDF
Joseph Edward Bolton
The Pathetic Fallacy PDF
Peter Cooley
Elegy PDF
Peter Cooley
At The Halfway House PDF
Robert Cording
Odysseus's Homecoming PDF
Stephen Dobyns
Orpheus PDF
Stephen Dobyns
The Present PDF
Wayne Dodd
Elegy For John Van Vleck PDF
Richard Katrovas
Envoi: To The Dead Poet Whose Poems My Children Wanted Me To Include In This Volume PDF
Sydney Lea
Arrangement PDF
Sydney Lea
The Stock Girl PDF
Brian O'Neill
Field Burning PDF
Vern Rutsala
Redbird PDF
Charlie Smith
Another Time PDF
Gary Soto
Antiquities PDF
Susan Tichy
The Burden Lifters PDF
Michael Waters
The Save PDF
Dean Young