Issue Number 52, Spring 1997

Table of Contents


Starry Ambition PDF
Christopher Buckley
The Sewanee Review Fellowship - The Sewanee Review Fellowship: Letters to her husband, the novelist Madison Jones, who wrote Cry of Absence PDF
Shailah McEvilley Jones


What Was In Me PDF
Gary Enns
P.O. Boxes PDF
Wendy Herbert
The Other Woman, The Other Man PDF
Graham Hewson
Harmonica PDF
Charles Rose
Coyotes PDF
John Works


Interview with Tobias Wolff PDF
Terrence Cheng


Easter Weekend PDF
Anne C. Bromley
Piano PDF
Mary Crow
My Father's Grave PDF
Cameron K. Gearen
Night and Day PDF
Elton Glaser
A Joke Walks inot a Bar PDF
Andrew Hudgins
The Fine Arts PDF
Lisa Lewis
Bogart PDF
Lisa Lewis
The Lamed Mare PDF
Lisa Lewis
Something Happened PDF
Lisa Lewis
Yellow Landscape PDF
Richard Lyons
After Independence PDF
Richard Lyons
Gentrifications PDF
Jerome Mazzaro
The Brier Rose PDF
Jeff Mock
The Merry Widow PDF
David Ray
The Man Who Can Only Remember One Minute PDF
David Ray
Sisterhood is not Always Powerful PDF
David Ray
Intercourse PDF
Jay Rogoff
Jocleyn PDF
Jeffrey Skinner
Pileated PDF
R.T. Smith
Seventh Grade Shoes PDF
Gary Soto
Cover Letter PDF
Robert Spain
GutiƩrrez PDF
Virgil Suarez
The Halves PDF
Virgil Suarez
Ferry to the Island PDF
Ann Townsend
The Dance-Master PDF
Ann Townsend
In the Passing Lane PDF
Pauline Uchmanowicz
Pine Cone PDF
Pauline Uchmanowicz
Fright Train PDF
Michael Van Walleghen
Cuckoo PDF
Michael Van Walleghen
Essay on the Bus into Chicago PDF
J.P. White
Essay after Paradise PDF
J.P. White
Essay on March PDF
J.P. White
Essay on the Presidente PDF
J.P. White


A Law unto Himself PDF
Richard Holinger