Issue Number 58, Spring 2000

Table of Contents


Intercourse a fiction PDF
Ai Ogawa
The Psychic Detective: Identity PDF
Ai Ogawa
Breaking the Waves PDF
Marcus Cafagna
A Border Incident PDF
Richard Cecil
Anti Ode to Autumn PDF
Richard Cecil
Mardi Gras Parade: New Orleans Home for the Incurables PDF
Peter Cooley
Questions of Paradise PDF
Peter Cooley
Grace PDF
Mary Cross
Canonical PDF
Lisa Fishman
No Accident PDF
Sunshine Glenstone
The Bad Sister PDF
Lois Marie Harrod
Pulse PDF
Dianna Henning
My Son Tells Me the Genesis of Snakes PDF
Julie Kate Howard
Birds PDF
Julie Lechevsky
Resolving Not to be Y2K Compliant PDF
Julie Lechevsky
Marseillaise for Maids PDF
Julie Lechevsky
Chain Letter PDF
Jack Martin
Self-Portrait, with You PDF
Jeff Mock
Song and Dance PDF
Jeff Mock
Self-Portrait as the Defendant PDF
Jeff Mock
November, 1947 PDF
Linda Lancione Moyer
With the Woman She Loves PDF
Deanna Pickard
The Pathetic Fallacy PDF
David Ray
fire PDF
Paisley Rekdal
The Word of God PDF
Richard Robbins
Have We Heard from Joe Pyne Since He Went Off the Air in the 60's? PDF
Richard Robbins
The Wagger PDF
Mark Rubin
Butterfly PDF
Mark Rubin
Strong Onion Lullaby PDF
Barbara Sanders
Proper Subjects PDF
Margot Schilpp
Intuitive Motions PDF
Margot Schilpp
Fear of Flying Ruins Love PDF
Tony Spicer
River Fable PDF
Virgil Suarez
Jinetera Currency PDF
Virgil Suarez
Drill PDF
Virgil Suarez
The Psychoanalysis of Fire PDF
Brian Swann
Tale PDF
Judith Taylor
Apiary PDF
Brian Teare
My Baroque Father in Oklahoma PDF
Renata Treitel
Real People PDF
Charles Harper Webb
The Drunken Poet Holds Court PDF
J.P. White
The Pink Guitar PDF
J.P. White
Desire Changes Nothing PDF
J.P. White
The Promise PDF
Rynn Williams
Without Counting PDF
Elizabeth Wurz
Where the Road Curves Away from the Pond PDF
Elizabeth Wurz
Cloud Conversion PDF
Dean Young
Noncompliant PDF
Dean Young


The Fax PDF
Phyllis Barber
Things That Fall from the Sky PDF
Kevin Brockmeier