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Issue Number 14, Nov. 1973



Betty Adcock

Getting the Tree-Toad out of the House

Betty Adcock

Ballad for a Museum Mouse

Bernice Ames

Phalaris and the Bull: A Story and an Examination

Jack Anderson

The Shortest Distance between Feelings

Gar Bethel

In Those Days

Howard M. Coming

The Archer

David Galler

Six Spring Songs

Anselm Hollo

"Gifts to Our Spirit": John Ashberry's Three Poems

Anselm Hollo

Spirit Picture

Colette Inez

The Burning Wards of Meadowbrook


An Interview with Colette Inez

Colette Inez

Ways of Conquest

Denise Levertov

Melons the Blue Gypsy and the Minneapolis Sewer Department

John McNally

If Ever When Our Sinking Rides

Peter F. Neumeyer

Dream: The Sisters

Joe Paddock

Getting Uppity: Reflections of a Poet in the Schools

Dabney Stuart


Ross Talarico