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Issue Number 22, Spring 1982


"A Home-Made Swamp": The Journey Of Richard Hugo's West-Coast Crispin

Jonathan Holden


The Falls: A Ghost Story

Frederick Busch

The Sleeping Gypsy

Elizabeth Evans


The Coat

Barbara Anderson

To Michael Back in Prison

Barbara Anderson

Call Across The Years

David Baker

Heaven Knows

Christopher Buckley

The Interrupted Nap

Richard Cecil

The Umbrella Shop

Richard Cecil

To A Certain Novelist, Sympathetically

Stephen Dunn

In The Palais Royale Ballroom, In 1948

John Engels

I Dream Of Roy Hanna

John Engels

Epigraph To Be Repeated In A Steambath

John Engman

One Minute Of Night Sky

John Engman

"And Now Farley Is Going To Sing While I Drink A Glass Of Water!"

Albert Goldbarth

Beach Rose

Jeffrey Greene

Goyishe Kopf

Mark Halperin


Mark Halperin

Mozart During A Snowstorm

Patricia Hampl

Last Letter

Patricia Hampl

Confederate Graves In Little Rock

Richard Hugo

We Have Lived In Great Houses

Cynthia Huntington

The Key

Richard Katrovas

An Insect Trapped In A White Bulb

Richard Katrovas

Light And Shadow

Carolyn Maisel


Carolyn Maisel


Cleopatra Mathis

Parial Eclipse In The North Country

Cleopatra Mathis

Madonna And Child

Michael Milburn

The Unicorn Tapestries

William Olsen

The Only Neighborhood

William Olsen

Light From The Sky

William Olsen

Carson Beach, Boston, July 1962

John Pijewski

At Luxor

Reg Saner


Gary Soto


Maura Stanton

Souls From Emerson

Gerald Stern

Weeping And Wailing

Gerald Stern

In The Darkened Ballroom

Jeanie Thompson

Song For The Retarded Boy In Our Tour Group Of Citizens At The Prehistoric American Indian Burial And Ceremonial Mounds, Toltec, Arkansas

Bruce Weigl