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Issue Number 46, Spring 1994



Out of Time: Reflection on the Long Poem

Floyd Skloot


Alisos Canyon Contract

Christopher Buckley

Three Passages from "Umbra" (from The Gardens of Flora Baum)

Julia Budenz

Nineteen Sonnets from "Sonetti Petrarcheschi" (from The Gardens of Flora Baum)

Julia Budenz

Swallow Barn

Margaret Gilbert

First Elegy, Pasadena

James Harms

Minus Tide

Laura Jensen

The Precautions

Greg Kuzma

Soir Bleu

Herbert Morris

The Dusk Which Falls Each Evening in Look Park

Herbert Morris

Boy and Father

Herbert Morris

In the Dream the Horse

Marjorie Saiser

Home Remedies

Floyd Skloot

Freshman English Poetry Anthology

Maura Stanton

A History of Criticism

Maura Stanton


Richard Tayson

A Print of the Expulsion

David Wojahn